Our comprehensive range of services can assist your successful journey in direction and implementation of Service Management requirements to enable service transformation.

We specialize in Service Transition – from processes that need a little refreshing, a complete overhaul, or a full cloud-based ServiceNow solution that delivers increased value to your organization.

We provide you with ongoing guidance and expertise. Our consultants aim to work in close partnership with your team to identify your pain points and essential requirements and deliver value to your organization. Our portfolio of services exemplifies our expertise and proven track record of delivering service transformation projects.

With more than 100 projects and over 10 certified ServiceNow consultants, we have the depth of experience to help you gain the most from your ServiceNow solution.

The benefits of establishing order within the complexity of organizational assets include the confidence to determine accurate cause analysis, impact analysis, change management and state assessments involving existing configuration items. This provides for a perfect platform for preventive and predictive maintenance, reducing risk and liability while increasing organizational confidence.

Our experience with CMDB includes:

  • Implementing over 15 solutions, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies
  • Developing integrations to Operations Support systems to enrich the CMDB
  • Improving service models to track, manage, and validate changes in the environment and its impact on services

We understand a Service-oriented CMDB and how it is the driving force in critical operations decisions.

Let us assess your CMDB and provide valuable insight to take it to the next level of maturity, which will allow you to drive a service focused organization.

Facility management is a multifaceted and evolving discipline, increasing the risk profile of organizations if they are not managed through a diligent and coordinated approach. Successful management allows organizations greater decision-making confidence and reduces operational costs while increasing awareness of organizational impact.

Acktinos has worked in the manufacturing and logistics environment enough to know the importance of field time management. It is critical to analyze the issue at hand to help decide which subject matter expert to deploy in the field.

With ever changing and increasingly competitive business environments, successful adaptation to the environment has become a vital necessity for organizations. To stay competitive, organizations need to move beyond everyday operations while delivering projects. Creating projects that facilitate the growth of an organization is essential to the overall success of the company.

Your Project Management Office requires a clear understanding of all the projects and current status beyond Gantt charts.

Acktinos consultants are certified in PMP and PfMP, and include disciplines of Project and Portfolio Management in our customer implementations and product development.

We live and breathe in this space. We understand how programs and project management offices are executed, and we can adapt the solution to fit your needs. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

With the automated mapping of business services and association with underlying services, expanding the relevance of your service oriented CMDB has never been easier. With a successful implementation of ServiceWatch, you can seamlessly extend your ServiceNow platform to deliver integrated IT operations management capabilities.

The service oriented CMDB will enable:

  • Making correct decisions on changes to infrastructure items that will affect your revenue providing services.
  • Ability to identify and prioritize your programs to data center transformation based on affected services information determined by ServiceWatch.
  • Managing and prioritizing the events and incidents that affect your organization based on services priority.

ServiceWatch establishes accelerated governance along with enhanced and fundamental IT processes, we at Acktinos can assist you in reducing your operational cost while freeing up time for strategic activities.

We have delivered nearly 50+ Service oriented CMDB to Fortune 500 organizations. Let us help you deliver value to your organization CMDB.

Knowing the state of your enterprise provides you with the confidence required to make accurate business decisions without compromising the integrity of your team. Through automated event management, repeating trends can easily be identified and addressed, allowing your networking team to focus on more critical business issues and reducing the overall maintenance costs.
Acktinos has the expertise to create intuitive custom applications that will enhance your organizational day to day operations. This will reduce costs and increase ROI with solutions that cater to your unique requirements.

As a problem solver, your department will meet ever demanding shareholder expectations, as well as increase consumer confidence.

With over 40 years of software development experience, you are in good hands with Acktinos. Let us design, architect, and develop your next big application.

Extending the value of your enterprise cloud with increased confidence in data protection will allow your organization to meet governance and compliance regulations, by reducing your risk of exposing sensitive data.

Acktinos will engage with your team to establish your unique data encryption requirements, while providing you with the tools to minimize the impact on your user base and to maintain trusted end-to-end data protection. With the flexibility of multiple levels of encryption, you can decide what is best for your organization without compromising your data integrity.

Managing the compliance risk of software assets is an increasingly difficult challenge due to increasing complexity of software licensing agreements, the lack of software license management best practices, and the inability to fully centralize and control all software purchases. Mergers, acquisitions, and cloud & virtual deployments only exacerbate the problem. Most companies want to be compliant with their software license agreements but struggle to do so.

Meeting the software license compliance challenge requires organizations to implement a centralized process, which leverages facts and insights to power an ongoing process optimizing software asset management throughout its lifecycle.

Integration with existing business systems to aggregate and reconcile software inventory, purchase, usage, and entitlement to expose the right information needed to manage continuous compliance and always be audit-ready.

Proactive management of your software estate allows for compliance adherence and provides visibility into the impact on your license position due to planned software and hardware changes. Automated triggering of license management tasks, such as purchase order processing and notifications when software titles are distributed or removed will ensure continuous compliance adherence.

Acktinos has industry experience deploying Asset Management in Fortune 500 organizations. We understand how important it is to identify the exception to the software contract. Let us help you in making your software investment and its usage. We will help you make the right decisions to remove and add necessary licenses, so that your organization is in compliance with software contracts.

Acktinos provides remote administration services. Let us help you in your resource management.

Your ServiceNow administrator is busy with a new project or she/he has moved on from your organization.
The ServiceNow Administrator absence is affecting your customer satisfaction; the ServiceNow instance is not managed properly. Projects are requesting data, configuration changes in ServiceNow do not support their initiatives.

Acktinos will provide staff augmentation for certified and qualified ServiceNow administrators while you look for the additional resource to manage the platform workload.

Let us worry about your ServiceNow Administration so that your customer service satisfaction is not impacting the IT services that you provide to your clients.