Acktinos Armadillo

Armadillo is an automated code review tool by Acktinos which aligns your code with ServiceNow’s Best Practices from the Champion program. It pinpoints situations where issues are present, and developers can drill down and solve them. This builds code with an emphasis on agility, which will continue to work even when extensive changes are made. Adaptive code minimizes downtime, allowing developers to focus on your organization’s objectives instead of trivial errors and breaks.

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ServiceNow Migration Analysis

Acktinos provides a unique way to embrace the latest technologies from ServiceNow by ensuring that you are always on the latest version. It’s efficient and provides a quick return on investment to the business. Allowing you to focus on your business while we focus on your migration.

Customized environments provide for increased complexity during platform migrations, and this leads to organizations delaying migrations while focusing on their core business, resulting in increased vulnerability and potential governance and audit risks.

Through proven best practices and minimal risk, we provide an automated methodology for identifying areas of concern that may arise during the platform migration process. Allowing for proactive measures to eliminate migration risks.

Reducing platform migration risks allow for increased focus on core organizational requirements, minimal downtime, and greater success factors.
Our migration services methodology consists of an in-depth, automated, discovery and analysis of your current platform, identifying priority services through quality and best-practice checkpoints, enabling remediation while retaining your business requirements.

Typical migrations are labor intensive, time-consuming and disruptive. Let us increase your competency to ensure a successful migration outcome.

Canned Integrations

Acktinos provides integration solutions to ServiceNow from different Operations Support Systems. We deliver canned solutions that supported over the lifetime of the integration.

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One of the challenges that we see today is that the CMDB must reflect current infrastructure and services. The integrations between your ServiceNow and Operations support systems must maintain version changes on both sides. The custom integrations require time investment and constant commitment from your staff.

We leverage our years of experience in Operations Support Systems and software development. We provide integration products for ServiceNow. The solution can be an ETL methodology to enrich CMDB or a solution that updates source and target system as part of a defined process.

Moving your data from disparate systems in and out of ServiceNow provides meaningful information to support your organization, which allows you to focus on using the data to make business decisions quickly and saves you resources.

The integrations that we develop are tested for backward and forward compatibility between the source system and target system. Custom integration requires valuable time taken away from vital resources in your organization. Let us provide you with canned integrations so that you can provide necessary information to the decision makers!